What will it cost me?

How much is it?

In order to supply the documentation and show you how to use it, the price starts from GB£800 for UK based or our agent based operations.

"We promise to better any genuine like-for-like quotation."

Do I have to pay in advance?

Payment is required when you have received the management system documentation, which is supplied in the latest version of Microsoft Word and Excel. Payment is required when the audit date is agreed, this is to assist compliance and to ensure transparency regarding the outcome of the audit.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, instalments can be paid monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly, but it has to be paid in advance, i.e. – towards the next year’s audit.

Our company has split into 2 units; do we need to pay for new certification?

Yes, because it is an accreditation requirement that each registered company needs its own certification. However, if there is a change of name with the same registration number, then changing the certification is free of charge. Documentation, apart from the audit reports and the certificate supplied by us, is not protected and you can change the information at any time, but you will need to notify us about any changes made.

What if I need more than one ISO Standard, can I have a discount?

Yes, there is a 30% discount on each added standard. We also recommend that all the standards you hold are audited at the same time, as this also gives you a generous discount.

What if the standard is updated, do I have to pay for a new one?

Not if it happens within 12 months of the supply of documents to your company. However, standards are upgraded as part of the continual improvement cycle. We pledge that any system we have put in place more than 1 year prior to these will be further upgraded to meet the requirements of the new version, and that this extra work will be charged at a nominal fee.

What will an ISO Standard cost to maintain?

Auditing an ISO Standard is a requirement of all ISO/BS Standards. A member of our team will visit your company to check if the systems put in place are being used correctly, thus maintaining the requirements of the standard. Our professional team of auditors will consult and work closely with you. We are proud to serve clients ranging from small one-person operations up to global blue-chip organisations. The cost for this service will depend on a few variables such as the number of certifications you hold, your location and requirements. However, if you hold more than one certification, we do recommend that you have your audits done at the same time as this will enable us to give you a generous discount.

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