How will you help me?

What support do you give with the ISO Standards certification process?

We actively encourage our clients to seek our help regarding their ISO Standards certification process and any concerns they may have maintaining compliance and/or any additional standards that may be required. This can be done by e-mail, free of charge.

How do I know if I need an ISO Standard?

If your company only deals directly with the public e.g. local trade association, then it is highly unlikely that you will need an ISO Standard. However, larger companies and government bodies often require suppliers to hold appropriate certification prior to negotiating new business. Standards are put in place to ensure organisations run smoothly to a pre-determined set of criteria, and to ensure the organisation conforms to the criteria, and if not, it is recognised and corrected. In other words:

"You say what you do, do what you say, and prove it"

The prove it part is done by way of keeping records which are legible and can be audited. Customers, especially Government Bodies and Blue Chip companies, want to be able to rely on the product/service they receive. They like to see an appropriate standard in place to show that their supplier can meet the criteria. In some cases, the supplier may be on the other side of the world, in which case, having accredited certification in place should enhance the comfort level of the buyer.

I work from home; will I be eligible for certification?

Yes. Size of company, workforce and place of work is irrelevant as long as it is compliant.

How can I get ISO Standards and what is the process?

One of our skilled auditors will undertake a comprehensive review of your current system and procedures. At this initial assessment we will need to see what you do and how you do it, together with samples of the types of documents you use. Our aim is to make your current methods compliant, not to replace it with something that is unfamiliar.

On completion of an initial assessment, we will create our gap analysis so that we can recognise your current areas of compliance or non-compliance. This will be used to create the necessary documentation and any training that may be required.

The documentation will be sent by e-mail in MS Word as a DRAFT so that you can check its accuracy. This will include your chosen standard management system and set procedures for the Standard(s) concerned, as well as associated forms to assist compliance. Once approved, payment for the chosen standard management systems and documents becomes due.

Our experienced auditors are on hand to assist with training to ensure the system is understood and working correctly.

When we all feel comfortable with the system, and that compliance has been achieved, we will mutually arrange for our sister company to carry out an audit of the management system on a date and time that is convenient.

If there is any non-compliance arising from the audit, it will be rectified and the accredited certification will be issued, and registered with the appropriate accreditation body. The certificate will be valid for one year during which time the client is required to maintain and regularly audit their management systems as set out in the chosen standard management systems in order to check compliance. An annual surveillance audit is required for continued certification.

Our team of auditors are on hand to answer any ISO Standards related concerns you have. This is a free service that we offer for as long as your company remains a client through on-going audits.

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